Children's playground​

  • For the youngest we have provided a children's playground with swings, a slide and a trampoline, where the kids can have fun and their parents can enjoy peace and privacy.

Sights close to the hotel:

  • There is a small waterfall in the immediate vicinity, which is easily reached on foot by the river. The place is very picturesque and is suitable for a family excursion.
  • Approximately 3 km from the hotel begins a path leading to a rocky saddle above river “Sandanska Bistritsa”. There is a chapel and a cross dedicated to Sts. Ivan Rilski. A Legend related to the place tells, that before settling in the Rila Monastery, St. Ivan Rilski lived there. The chapel has a length of 8 m and a width of 6 m. On October 19, each year, residents from nearby villages – Lilyanovo, Golyam Tsalim, Vihren and town of Sandaнski gather to honor the saint.


  • from the town of Sandanski to the hut "Yane Sandanski" - along this trail are the hunting-fishermen's hut, water-force cascade "Pirin", Tremoshnitsa summer resort, Popina Laka locality, old and new Yane Sandanski hut, waterfall “Popina Laka”. The waterfall is located only 4 km away from the "Apostolite". It is 12 meters high and is 1230 meters above sea level, located along the banks of the river “Bashilitsa”.
  • from Yane Sandanski hut - to Begovitsa / Kamenitsa hut - a short hike, passing through the area of Turichka Cherkva, Begovitsa River, Surchaliitsa River, Dolen razkol and Mecha Polyana localities. In the past there was a church in the place of Turichka Cherkva, which belonged to the the Wallachian tribe, but to our days there are no remnants that have been preserved to remind of its existence. From the Turichka Cherkva you can get to Solishteto, from which there is a view of Vihren peak and Sinanitsa. There is a newly built chapel of St. Petka.

Мountain biking

  • The natural landmarks around the hotel are an ideal setting for mountain biking. At your disposal are 4 mountain bikes, which you can rent and enjoy the sights around.

    For more information, please contact us.


  • For the fans of fishing, we offer rods and all the necessary accessories. Best of luck!